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The book has been received by Infinity

Posted by on 30 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: publication updates

Infinity is working on putting together TTtG as we speak.  YAY!!!

Exquisite Corpse

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What is an Exquisite Corpse you may ask? Well, here’s an explanation. This is a parlor game developed by French Surrealists that involves writing poetry or art. One person writes a line or stanza of a poem and then passes it to another person. This person writes another verse or stanza, but this time, he or she folds the paper so that the next person can only see the verse or stanza that he or she wrote. This cycle continues, with only one line or stanza presented to the writer with each turn. The game usually ends when the poem reaches the bottom of a page or when somebody declares that the poem is finished.

My good friend and protege Doug and myself will be compiling a collection of corpses that will be used in a chapbook. The date on which this occurs remains to be seen. Anyhow, here is an example of an Exquisite Corpse:

I pride myself in building homes
With bricks and no mortar
My spirit cements these building blocks in place
Buildings which house our inner children
cradled by love
They flourish in a circle of unflinching trust
Carolling a mosaic of colorful melodies
Love is like a box of chocolate, you never know what to expect
Peace is the creamy center
Rich with caramel kisses
Embraced with cocoa caressing
And showered in the dewdrops of honey
From the eyes of angels
A sainty figure watches from above, high up in the heavenly cosmos
People love people who love people
Absorb the sands of love between your toes
Let them radiate upward
They do not scar but heal like the Earth Mother’s medicine
Let her sunlight fill the voids within yourself
You are whole and unharmed
You are a perfect child of the universe
Time stops for no man, how quickly the sands of times passes as the children ripen
In the jungle-gym they frollock, with not a care in the world
Everyone has a special talent it just takes something to bring it out
And soon we will shine like the stars we truly are
And the carbon and stardust shall shine their spirits upon us
Striving for the ether

More updates

Posted by on 24 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: status updates

A few things that I forgot to mention. For those of you who are curious about the price of the book, it will be $14.95. Also, there are around 225 pages in the book, and I have you guys to thank for that.  I know that Jen, Doug, and I definitely see potential for a second volume of poetry.  There are a few projects in the works, which I will explain in a future blog, which will happen in a few minutes.

TTtG is off to the publishers

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The book has been mailed to our publisher and I am doing the dance of joy at my work desk. We started out with 55 authors, but due to certain circumstances, we whittled it down to 47 authors and 106 written pieces. I’m very impressed with the way the book was designed, and I’m sure that you will feel the same way. Anywho, here’s the list of authors that will be featured in Trails Through the Greenbelt.

Jill Avedon
Jessica Banta
Christine M. Boyer
L’Chelle Branson
Jane Butters
Douglas Cala
Bruno Carchidi
Jen Carlo
Jackie Cassen
Paul Chipkin
Judi Cohen
Andrew Dell’Isola
Michael DeMaria
Dolcy Demby
P. Melissa Fisher
John Foxell
Jack M. Freedman
Pia Simone Garber
Ilya Geller
Adrianna Goffredo
Lauren Goffredo
Gary Goldstein
Kristina Hebner
Raymond Hicks
Just Words
Harmonica Kao
Pete Lang
Melanie Rei Langworthy
David Lopez
Frankpaul Miello
Lynn Morton
Virginia Mugavero-Noto
Gabriela Pawelec
Lorraine V. Percoco
Amanda Pfeffer
Robert V. Reilly
T.J. Riley
Steven Rojack
Erica Ls Sbordone
Marsha Sbordone
Mitchell Trupia
Dena Ventrudo
Rebecca Vergara
Darren C. Walker
Tom Weiss
Wesley Winner
Angela Zerega

Also included is a prayer by John Amberger. I feel that it adds to the peaceful nature that we tried to put together in the book’s layout. I’m sure that even the atheists will get a kick out of it. So there’s your update. Also, the illustrations that Jane Butters contributed are astounding. As always, stay in touch with us and we will let you know all of the details of the publication, as well as events that we will be holding.