October 2007

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Proof book

Posted by on 30 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: anthology, publication updates, status updates

We officially have the proof book for Trails Through the Greenbelt. So far, it looks pretty good, but there are still some corrections that need to be made. This is what the proof book is for. The covers look pretty good, but it is a matter of perfecting them so that they don’t have any extra colors or pixels. In addition, there are line breaks in places that are not acceptable. This involves lines that are orphaned and widowed from the rest of the piece. I guess this is what happens when I take the open source route and work cross-program between OpenOffice and Word. Rest assured, these will be corrected, and my good friend and committee member Adrianna Goffredo will be proofreading the book. But rest assured, your names are in print folks.

Minor setback

Posted by on 19 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: notices, publication updates, status updates, Uncategorized

We had a problem with the images.  I made the mistake of scanning the images in at 72 dpi.  They should have been 300 dpi.  No worries though, the problem should be corrected soon.  If you’re wondering why we haven’t updated you so far, it is because we haven’t had any news up until now.  I know some of you believe that no news is good news, but I guarantee you that I am keeping close tabs on this endeavor.