We need to know how many books we need to order. So far, from the outreach that we have done, we can order at least 53 books. We know you’ll want to order more, so please contact me on MySpace or via this site to advise us on the number of copies you would like to order. The book is $14.95 plus sales tax. If you do not respond before the release party, we will order one copy on your behalf, since I am assuming the authors will want to see their name in print, and I think that’s a safe assessment. If you are not able to purchase a copy of the anthology in person, you will be able to order it at any online book retailer (B&N, Amazon, Borders, eBay, etc.) However, we prefer that you order the books from , since there will be a greater amount of royalties that may allow us to finance a second volume. Thank you for your cooperation.