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Posted by on 09 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: events, notices, promotion & publicity, status updates

I have 150 copies of TTtG on hand, so if you’d like to pick up some copies, e-mail me at jfreedman@si.rr.com to arrange how you’d like to receive the book before we sell it at the release party.

There is a correction that needs to be made. We were not able to secure the Greenbelt Nature Center, but we are still on our feet looking for more appropriate places to have our official release party. We have a few places in mind, so I will surely keep you updated on whatever developments take place. Thank you for your patience.

Fundraiser at ETG Book Cafe

Posted by on 07 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: fundraising

We have set an official date for our fundraiser. It will be on March 15th from 3-5PM at the Every Thing Goes Book Cafe.

It is located on 208 Bay Street near Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY. The phone number is (718)442-8256.

Their e-mail is etg.bookcafe@yahoo.com, and you should also check out their website at http://www.well.com/user/ganas/etgstores/bookcafe/index.html and subscribe to their list-serve for events taking place on their neighborhood stage.

It is only 3 blocks away from the Staten Island Ferry. We will be selling assorted products, such as jewelry by Jen and artwork by Jane. In addition, there will be poetry readings by Jen, Doug, myself, as well as other performers who have yet to fully commit. We encourage everybody who attends to patronize the place. I highly recommend their teas (all fair trade), as well as the Hum-Dinger. It is a bagel spread with both cream cheese and hummus. For the vegans, I recommend the mandalas, which are assorted seeds pasted together in a circle. Stay tuned to this site for more information on our events.

We have yet to determine an exact time and location for the official TTtG release party. Once I receive this info, I will post it immediately.

Our first customer

Posted by on 01 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: promotion & publicity

Let me clarify that even though people have committed to buying the book, credit will go to Delores Jordan of Mobile, Alabama for being the first person to officially purchase Trails Through the Greenbelt. I know that in the future, we will have many more customers.

TTtG is online and ready to be sold

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Here’s the link.