I learned today that Rebecca Vergara, one of the authors in TTtG, passed away from a heart attack.  For those of us who knew Rebecca, it took us all by surprise.  She was a very sweet woman and an excellent poet and writer to boot.  At the place where I work, South Beach Psychiatric Center, we have a regular event called Wellness Day.  Rebecca would not only participate in the festivities, but has also facilitated some wellness-related groups as well.  We knew her best for groups related to writing and spirituality, namely reading auras.  When she learned about an anthology of poetry being published, she immediately took interest.  I remember looking through her poetry to see what was suitable.  She definitely had a good selection.  She had a gift where she could write short poems, yet say so much within the words she scribed.   She will be greatly missed.  Once an obituary is officially posted, I will repost it on this site.