Hey guys, I should mention that another aspect of the donation will be going to the Wellness Community Recovery Center.  This is a coalition of organizations dedicated to the betterment of the mental health community.  Such generic cialis 5mg organizations involved include New York City Voices, F.U.T.U.R.E., and Baltic Street AEH, all of which are located on the grounds of South Beach Psychiatric Center.  They are responsible for holding monthly days where people in the community can engage in wellness activities, such as yoga, discussion groups, expressive arts, and other fun activities.  I conduct monthly poetry writing groups there myself with TTtG author Christine M. Boyer.  Also at the helm is fellow TTtG author Gary Goldstein, who has been responsible for drum circles and jam sessions in SBPC’s auditorium in the past.  Another volunteer is Paul Chipkin, who conducts spirituality groups every month.  We are grateful to these people and then some  for the services they provide for the community.