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Second edition

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A second edition of TTtG is tentatively in the works.  Certain ideas that are being thrown out are a new cover, new credits, a dedication to TTtG author Rebecca Vergara, and selected quotes from reviews, including the following:

“All in all, a great collection put forth by forty-eight writers.” – Paul Chipkin, Columnist with New York City Voices

“I would say that this book is a step in the right direction: a fundamental compilation in addressing the internal striving and community of Staten Island. This is a testament and the celebration of those who can rightfully articulate their personal experiences and proclaim freedom to share such things.” – Jaclyn Shaw, Local Musician

“It is written by real people, your average Joe’s and Jane’s who in fact, exceed the average! This is the kind of compilation that you want to leave on your coffee table to share with family and friends. It is genuine, down to earth, art. Two thumbs up and five stars!” – Dena Marie Kelly, Assistant Editor of

Picture from the WCRC Bake Sale

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This is a picture of all the money raised at our WCRC Bake Sale.  EVery single dollar.

Fundraiser for Wellness Community

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TTtG proceeds have gone to the Wellness Community Recovery Center here in Staten Island.  The WCRC had a bake sale and the money raised combined with the money already in the pot, $710 was raised.  As a result, South beach Psychiatric Center will be having a Christmas party next month.  Thank you all for your contributions and to those who have bought TTtG.  We hope to get a little further into the black.  I would also like to give thanks to Digna Quinones for her support and efforts to help us promote TTtG.  She works for the Office of Mental Health and we are extremely grateful for her influence, since she is responsible for assisting the office in becoming more friendly towards recipients of mental health services.  Much love, Digna.