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Picture from the WCRC Bake Sale

Posted by on 02 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: fundraising, poetry

This is a picture of all the money raised at our WCRC Bake Sale.  EVery single dollar.

Fundraiser for Wellness Community

Posted by on 01 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: fundraising

TTtG proceeds have gone to the Wellness Community Recovery Center here in Staten Island.  The WCRC had a bake sale and the money raised combined with the money already in the pot, $710 was raised.  As a result, South beach Psychiatric Center will be having a Christmas party next month.  Thank you all for your contributions and to those who have bought TTtG.  We hope to get a little further into the black.  I would also like to give thanks to Digna Quinones for her support and efforts to help us promote TTtG.  She works for the Office of Mental Health and we are extremely grateful for her influence, since she is responsible for assisting the office in becoming more friendly towards recipients of mental health services.  Much love, Digna.

Major props

Posted by on 17 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: events, fundraising

I’d like to thank everybody who was able to make it to the official TTtG Fundraiser. Because of your support, we managed to raise a sizable amount of money from book sales, art sales, and bath product sales combined. Of course, there is a promise for more.

Here’s a selection of pictures taken by Doug Cala and his family. Featured in this selection is a duet by Doug and myself. Also included in these photos (in order) are Adrianna Goffredo, Jen Carlo, Jackie Cassen, Just Words, Doug Cala, and myself. In addition, there’s also the setup that the owners of the ETG Book Cafe helped us put together.


Fundraiser at ETG Book Cafe

Posted by on 07 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: fundraising

We have set an official date for our fundraiser. It will be on March 15th from 3-5PM at the Every Thing Goes Book Cafe.

It is located on 208 Bay Street near Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, NY. The phone number is (718)442-8256.

Their e-mail is, and you should also check out their website at and subscribe to their list-serve for events taking place on their neighborhood stage.

It is only 3 blocks away from the Staten Island Ferry. We will be selling assorted products, such as jewelry by Jen and artwork by Jane. In addition, there will be poetry readings by Jen, Doug, myself, as well as other performers who have yet to fully commit. We encourage everybody who attends to patronize the place. I highly recommend their teas (all fair trade), as well as the Hum-Dinger. It is a bagel spread with both cream cheese and hummus. For the vegans, I recommend the mandalas, which are assorted seeds pasted together in a circle. Stay tuned to this site for more information on our events.

We have yet to determine an exact time and location for the official TTtG release party. Once I receive this info, I will post it immediately.

IT’S HERE!!!!!!

Posted by on 15 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: fundraising, notices, publication updates, status updates

I got the latest proof from the publishers today. I haven’t seen it yet since I’m at work while I’m typing this, but my mother told me that it’s looking pretty good. The shade of green on the cover is an emerald green and the black outline stands out a lot more (from what I am told.) This is definitely a monumental occasion. I’m extremely surprised that the book came back as quickly as it did. Now, it’s that time for us to start stocking the books. If I didn’t explain it before, I should mention that the publishing costs do not cover a specific number of books. Since it is print-on-demand, a book is published once it is ordered. We need to do some fundraising to cover the costs of the books we will order. We will have soap, beaded jewelry, and illustrations to sell. Our soap and jewelry artisan, Jen Carlo, has been very sick lately, so please keep her in your prayers to your respective gods. Thanks.

Major thanks

Posted by on 17 Jul 2007 | Tagged as: fundraising, notices

Thanks to Lynn Morton’s generosity, we now have $100 that will be going to the supplying of books for the release party. Also, thank you to all of the people who have bought necklaces from Jen and artwork from Jane. I apologize for not updating this sooner.

It should also be added that the deadline has been reached and if I haven’t talked to you at all about your submissions, you will not be published. Sorry to tell you, but you guys had your chance and you blew it. The following people have talked to me about their situation and will have their work accepted. These people include Gabriela Pawelec and Tom Tripo. Jackie, I’ll try to make it to your house soon. Things are a bit hectic right now.

We will keep you posted on any new developments.

Another goal reached

Posted by on 03 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: fundraising, status updates

Thanks to some generous benefactors, we now have enough money to publish Trails Through the Greenbelt. Our fundraising efforts will continue, since we still need some money to purchase books for direct sale when we schedule book signings and release parties. As always, we will keep you posted on further developments.

We give thanks to the following benefactors: Laura Langworthy, The Cala Family, Adrianna Goffredo, The Boyer-Shanahan Family, Jill Avedon, and Arathi Reddy.

Special thanks to Jen Carlo and Jane Butters for their fundraising efforts. Jen is making and selling beaded necklaces as I type this entry and Jane has been selling her artwork for the cause.

More to come…