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Posted by on 09 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: events, notices, promotion & publicity, status updates

I have 150 copies of TTtG on hand, so if you’d like to pick up some copies, e-mail me at to arrange how you’d like to receive the book before we sell it at the release party.

There is a correction that needs to be made. We were not able to secure the Greenbelt Nature Center, but we are still on our feet looking for more appropriate places to have our official release party. We have a few places in mind, so I will surely keep you updated on whatever developments take place. Thank you for your patience.

Order placed

Posted by on 31 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: publication updates, status updates

I have officially ordered 150 books from Infinity. Since the company is pretty speedy when it comes to printing books, I am imagining that I will receive the books by next week. If this is not enough books to go around, I can always order more. But, soon you will be able to order the books on any online book retailer. As I said before, we totally recommend .

More to come. In addition, check out the MySpace Music page for Jen Carlo (Hello Anarchist.)  It is in the Links section of this page.

IT’S HERE!!!!!!

Posted by on 15 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: fundraising, notices, publication updates, status updates

I got the latest proof from the publishers today. I haven’t seen it yet since I’m at work while I’m typing this, but my mother told me that it’s looking pretty good. The shade of green on the cover is an emerald green and the black outline stands out a lot more (from what I am told.) This is definitely a monumental occasion. I’m extremely surprised that the book came back as quickly as it did. Now, it’s that time for us to start stocking the books. If I didn’t explain it before, I should mention that the publishing costs do not cover a specific number of books. Since it is print-on-demand, a book is published once it is ordered. We need to do some fundraising to cover the costs of the books we will order. We will have soap, beaded jewelry, and illustrations to sell. Our soap and jewelry artisan, Jen Carlo, has been very sick lately, so please keep her in your prayers to your respective gods. Thanks.

Release of book

Posted by on 14 Jan 2008 | Tagged as: publication updates, status updates

Hey guys! I talked to the receptionist at Infinity Publishing today and was told that the book would be sent back by the end of this week. The editing is complete and the book is currently in the printing stages. This is definitely a good sign of progress. As Doug mentioned in the previous blog, we have a tentative time set up for the release party, but we do need some help getting funds so that we can purchase enough books for a release party and signing. We will be selling jewelry and soap made by Jen Carlo and artwork by Jane Butters. More information on that front coming soon.


Posted by on 31 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: status updates

As one of my last acts of the new year, I have officially sent back the book to the publisher.  We should be receiving the first corrected copy sometime in the next month or so.  I’d like to thank everybody for their continued patience with this process.  It will all turn out right in the end, come hell or high water.

Aftermath of proofreading

Posted by on 06 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: status updates

We have completed the proofreading.  There was a total of 34 errors that need to be corrected, not including those spacing errors that I mentioned in the last blog.  I am going to contest the latter changes, because this was not my doing and I don’t want to have to pay an extra $50 to correct these items.  The next time I blog, I will inform you of when we officially receive the corrected book.  Until then, sit tight.

Proof book

Posted by on 30 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: anthology, publication updates, status updates

We officially have the proof book for Trails Through the Greenbelt. So far, it looks pretty good, but there are still some corrections that need to be made. This is what the proof book is for. The covers look pretty good, but it is a matter of perfecting them so that they don’t have any extra colors or pixels. In addition, there are line breaks in places that are not acceptable. This involves lines that are orphaned and widowed from the rest of the piece. I guess this is what happens when I take the open source route and work cross-program between OpenOffice and Word. Rest assured, these will be corrected, and my good friend and committee member Adrianna Goffredo will be proofreading the book. But rest assured, your names are in print folks.

Minor setback

Posted by on 19 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: notices, publication updates, status updates, Uncategorized

We had a problem with the images.  I made the mistake of scanning the images in at 72 dpi.  They should have been 300 dpi.  No worries though, the problem should be corrected soon.  If you’re wondering why we haven’t updated you so far, it is because we haven’t had any news up until now.  I know some of you believe that no news is good news, but I guarantee you that I am keeping close tabs on this endeavor.

More updates

Posted by on 24 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: status updates

A few things that I forgot to mention. For those of you who are curious about the price of the book, it will be $14.95. Also, there are around 225 pages in the book, and I have you guys to thank for that.  I know that Jen, Doug, and I definitely see potential for a second volume of poetry.  There are a few projects in the works, which I will explain in a future blog, which will happen in a few minutes.

TTtG is off to the publishers

Posted by on 22 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: notices, publication updates, status updates, Uncategorized

The book has been mailed to our publisher and I am doing the dance of joy at my work desk. We started out with 55 authors, but due to certain circumstances, we whittled it down to 47 authors and 106 written pieces. I’m very impressed with the way the book was designed, and I’m sure that you will feel the same way. Anywho, here’s the list of authors that will be featured in Trails Through the Greenbelt.

Jill Avedon
Jessica Banta
Christine M. Boyer
L’Chelle Branson
Jane Butters
Douglas Cala
Bruno Carchidi
Jen Carlo
Jackie Cassen
Paul Chipkin
Judi Cohen
Andrew Dell’Isola
Michael DeMaria
Dolcy Demby
P. Melissa Fisher
John Foxell
Jack M. Freedman
Pia Simone Garber
Ilya Geller
Adrianna Goffredo
Lauren Goffredo
Gary Goldstein
Kristina Hebner
Raymond Hicks
Just Words
Harmonica Kao
Pete Lang
Melanie Rei Langworthy
David Lopez
Frankpaul Miello
Lynn Morton
Virginia Mugavero-Noto
Gabriela Pawelec
Lorraine V. Percoco
Amanda Pfeffer
Robert V. Reilly
T.J. Riley
Steven Rojack
Erica Ls Sbordone
Marsha Sbordone
Mitchell Trupia
Dena Ventrudo
Rebecca Vergara
Darren C. Walker
Tom Weiss
Wesley Winner
Angela Zerega

Also included is a prayer by John Amberger. I feel that it adds to the peaceful nature that we tried to put together in the book’s layout. I’m sure that even the atheists will get a kick out of it. So there’s your update. Also, the illustrations that Jane Butters contributed are astounding. As always, stay in touch with us and we will let you know all of the details of the publication, as well as events that we will be holding.

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